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Arbroath Smokie Pate

Due to the fortunate discovery of some Arbroath Smokies going cheap at Tesco's fish counter, I decided to resurrect this recipe from a while back. Enjoy!


One Arbroath Smokie
100g Philadelphia cream cheese
1 tsp olive oil (optional for texture)
pinch coarse ground black pepper
pinch smoked paprika
Lemon juice to taste
Oatcakes and pint of dry cider to serve!


1. Skin and remove bones from Smokie. Best way to do this is open up the body cavity and peel the backbone from head to tail.

2. Flake fish flesh with fingers taking care to remove any small bones you encounter. With a fork, break up the flakes further in a bowl

3. Add 50g cream cheese (quarter of a 200g tub) and blend the fish and cheese with the fork.

4. As before, remove any bones you encounter! Add the remaining 50g of cream cheese, black pepper and smoked paprika. With a palette knife blend the pate to a smooth consistency. If the mixture appears to stiff to spread on crackers, add a tsp of olive oil and blend. Add a few drops of fresh lemon juice as a preservative.

5. Refrigerate before use (30 mins) and serve on oatcakes with a nice glass of dry cider (and black if you so desire).
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