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Kitchen supplies

Hi folks!

I wanted to tell you all, I got a really handy, nice mortar & Pestle from this company, and they had it shipped to me within about a week.

I got the red one, and the others they had are just gorgeous. The only think is that I think there's some kind of bluish tinge to the pics, because my M&P came out looking a little more brown than the pic.

They're made for ritual use, but they work just as well in the kitchen, what with the herb-grinding and whatnot.

Anyway, just FYI. :)
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that is prettier than the one i got at the chinatown dollar store by far
I've become increasingly shallow and obsessed with appearance lately, and I wanted something that fit with the rest of my kitchen and looked purdy itself. 'Cause I like purdy stuff.

I also liked the weird red/green one, but I thought this one would go better.

I don't have a chinatown in my city, the closest I can get is the Little Vietnam section, and there's a few Asian Restaurant Supply places. They ahve a LOT Of stuff, but they didn't have a mortar and pestle. I got a bunch of plastic soup spoons from there, the ones shaped like little boats.
the weird red and green one is awesome too... theres no shame in being aesthetically motivated, especially when it comes to one's abode.

in my town, theres a pretty big chinatown and an even bigger suburb full of hong kong-style malls. the latter has this dollar store where everything in it is $2, including these 4" mortar and pestle sets. i found out from my teenage brothers friends, who use them as bud busters.
They are gorgeous, thanks for the link
You're welcome. I've used mine since this link was posted and no problems of any kind yet!