Danarama (danarama) wrote in goth_grub,

Bat shaped pancakes!

Halloween morning I cooked bat-shaped pancakes!

It's easy! Just load a portion of your pancake BATter into a ziplock baggy and snip a small hole in one of the corners -- or use a cake decorator's icing bag.

Then squeeze the baggy to draw the outline of the bat (or heart, or cross, or coffin, or whatever) on the pan/griddle.

Next, fill in the outline by carefully spooning in additional pancake BATter (preferrably thinned). The previously drawn outline will have already set up, thus containing the filled-in BATter. For even more fun, add two blueberry eyes!

When the BATter begins to bubble, flip the BATcake and brown the other side.

It takes some practice (this was my first attempt) and a pinch of artistic skill, but it's a fun way to add gothiness to your breakfast!

Bone appetite!
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